"Is it really that hard Zach?" Casey asked. Zach had just burned himself with a hot glue gun, again

"Why does it have to be hot glue?" Zach answered. "It could just be cold glue, and there would be no injuries. Like that one girl who almost lost her hand!"

"We're not going there." John said, carefully glueing a wooden block to his project.

"I think I have a lesson now." Casey said, glancing up at the clock. "Oh well, this explains the 0.16% is Orchestra."

"At least you have precentage." Gibby laughed, glancing at Zach.

"But Mrs. Clearwater always schedules my lessons during the good classes. Like Gym and Home Ec." Zach protested.

"You mean, the classes you have with Casey?" Pablo asked.

"What-no!" Zach proclaimed, blushing heavily.

"Says the one who tried to get out of Orchestra by saying he had a lesson." Casey said.

"You just got owned Zach, face it." Spoto said. Pablo was laughing, then suddenly stopped and started sniffing the air.

"Does anyone smell smoke?" Pablo said. "It smells like it's coming from outside the hall. Cautiously, Pablo walked over to the door and opened it. Smoke poured into the room.

"Get low!" John shouted, ducking under a table. Pablo hesitantly followed, pulling Gibson and Spoto under with him.