Headless horseman for Isa's new asweome wiki

Icobob was a school master in 1899. He lived in New York, and worked in the White School for Boys. Icefortix had a young daughter that was rich and beautiful. The one thing she lacked was a school master,so, Icefortix hired Icobob. Meanwhile, at the war against Germany near The school, a horseman lost his head in the war. When the war was over they found the man`s body but, they never found his head.Ever since he became a spirit. People report seeing a headless horseman looking for it's head. They called him "The Headless Horseman". Whenever The Headless Horseman crossed the red bridge to the school he disappeared in cole and mist. Back in New York, Icobob was caught singing with Icefortix's daughter. It made Icefortix angry. One night when Icefortix's daughter was coming home from geting groceries she disappeared. When Icefortix found out about his daughter he sent Icobob to investigate. While investigating, he saw a shape with his horse,Max. When Icobob went closer, he could tell it was The Headless Horseman. Icobob hoped on Max and rode off, with The Headless Horseman behind. Max was so fast Icobob fell off at the bridge. The Headless Horseman did not disappear at the bridge. As fast as he could, Icobob stood with jelly legs. While he was doing that, The Headless Horseman took out his sword. Before Icobob ducked,SMACK! When that happened, The Headless Horseman disappeared. The next day at the school the boys went to the red bridge and found Icobob's hat. Icobob's whole body was never found .